Things for Students (and Parents) to Know about Life in 6th Grade:


  •  Stay Positive: As the first day of school approaches, reinforce that this is going to be a great school year. Let your child know that they will be learning new things and making new friends.
  • Team Concept: Explain to your child that they will have a home base on one of the 6th grade teams and that most of their classes will be on one floor.
  • Organization is key:  Help your child organize their binder on a daily basis until they have their own system in place and then continue to monitor the process.
  • An assignment book: Students should get in the habit of writing all their homework in their assignment book every day. 
  • Blackboard: Blacboard provides you and your child valuable information about assignments, test preparation, and study skills.  Check these on a regular basis with your child.
  • Conferences: The middle school uses “team conferences” so you get a full picture of how your child is doing.  Be sure to check the district calendar for the dates of the conferences and call to schedule your conference in advance.
  • Create balance: Make sure your child has enough time for school and leisure activities.  A long-range desk planner is a great tool for setting up a weekly schedule.
  • Try something new: Middle school is a great time to try a new activity and it is a great way to meet new friends.  Our website lists all of the ways to get involved.
  • Encourage independence: Allow your child a realistic time frame to adjust to middle school.  Be patient in allowing your child to work out some problems on their own.  This promotes independence and will pay off in the long run.  Self-advocacy is an important middle school skill.

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