Homework Solutions

Homework Solutions…

Homework completion is a challenge for many middle school students. In addition to the educational value of homework, it provides middle school students the opportunity to build their organizational and time-management skills and their sense of responsibility. If your child is struggling with homework completion, you may want to try some of the following suggestions:

  •  Encourage the use of an assignment book/ agenda and review it and their completed homework with them daily.
  •  Set up a regular place area and homework time in their daily schedule.
  • Encourage them to do their homework before TV, phone, or computer time.
  • If they have no written homework, encourage them to work on long-term projects, study for an upcoming test, or review class notes.
  • Encourage your child to file all their papers in their notebook on a daily basis.
  • Use a 2 pocket homework folder and label one side “assigned homework” and another side “completed homework.”
  • Create a homework work kit including pencils, rulers, paper and other supplies to be left in regular homework area.
  • Check teacher webpages for homework, tests, and projects.

 Getting Organized….

Organization is one of the most important skills that your middle school student can develop. One of the best ways to help middle school students build organizational skills is through the use of their notebook or binder system. In working with your child to organize their binder, the options below may help. Remember to a. adhere to the system requested by your teachers and b. involve your child in the process. They are more likely to buy into the system if they are asked for their input and given choices.

THE BIG BINDER is generally a two to three inch three-ring binder that contains every subject. Each subject should have a separate sections and divider. This system allows students to have all their papers in one place. One drawback is that the BIG BINDER can be very heavy. The BIG BINDER system can take on a life of its own if it is not organized on a daily basis.

 THE AM/PM BINDER is a variation of the BIG BINDER. With this system, students will have two smaller three ring binders. The AM BINDER contains dividers for all the subjects the student has before lunch. The PM BINDER has dividers for all the subjects the student has after lunch. The student needs to remember to go to their locker at lunch to change binders.

THE SEPARATE BINDER system allows the student to have an individual three-ring binder for each subject. One of the benefits of this system is that students do not have to take home the heavy BIG BINDER if they don’t need every subject on a particular day.


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