Student Planner

mom with daughter

One of the most important skills that your student will develop is the ability to manage his/her time. The student planner is the first step to learning to manage their time. Please encourage your student to use his or her planner every day. The planner can be used in the following ways:

  • Keep track of the daily assignments.
  • Provide feedback to parents from teachers.
  • Improve communication between parent and student.
  • Maintain an accurate record of completed assignments.
  • Help students organize weekly schedules to include time for large projects and upcoming tests.

While there are many ways to use the planner effectively, there are two points that need to be addressed.

  1. The student needs to accurately write down the daily assignments and due dates for large projects and tests.
  2. The parent needs to communicate with the student to help them follow through with homework assignments and prepare for projects and tests.

Parent involvement is critical.

  • The majority of students will not understand how or why they are doing this, initially.
  • Take time to communicate with them and help them understand the benefits of managing their time.
  • Then, as they begin to use their planner, check-in with them each day.
  • Review the information that they have provided, and provide them with time and place to complete any unfinished assignments.


  • Planner lists each week
  • Each day is also noted
  • Student can arrange their planner by subject or period (i.e. 1st period, 2nd period, etc.)
  • Student should write the daily assignment for each class
  • An indication of finished or not finished might be helpful information
  • Student can also include deadlines and due dates
  • On-going projects may be listed as well.

As your student utilizes their planner, their grades will improve, they will gain independence, and they will increase their self-confidence in their ability to “do” school.

Combine the use of the planner with checking GradeBook progress to make the experience even more effective and meaningful.


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