Getting organized is your ticket to success.


Her are some tips to help you get started:

Make reminders:

Use a different section in your notebook for each class. On the front of each section, write the:

  • name and room number of the class
  • teacher’s name
  • time when the class meets

Or use separate notebooks. Follow the same tips listed above.

Use an assignment book/ agenda.

Use it to keep track of when things are due. Take it to every class. Write down when you have meetings or practices, too. Calendars are also helpful.

Be sure you understand your assignments.

If you have a question, ask! Other students may have the same question.

Keep your locker neat.

A messy locker can slow you down and make you late for class. Stopping to talk to at your locker can, too. Try to keep conversations brief.

Make time for homework.

Set up a special time each day. Then:

  • Find a quiet place to work. Make it has plenty of light. Get the supplies you need BEFORE you start.
  • Do not take phone calls from friends.
  • Ask family members not to disturb you.

If you have a study hall or SMART lunch, use the time wisely. If you miss an assignment or need help, your teacher’s website may have the information you need.

Break big projects into smaller ones.

It can make a heavy workload easier to manage. For example, for a research project, collect research one week, take notes the next, and begin writing the next.

Prepare the night before.

  • Check your assignment book. Make sure you finish assignments that are due the next day.
  • Pack your schoolbag after you finish your homework.
  • Get your clothes ready before you go to bed.

Getting organized takes practice. But you’ll soon see it’s worth the effort!


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