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Providing for the Pride

Leesville Road Middle, Raleigh, NC

Program Detail:
A vital aspect of a modern education is to learn 21st Century skills. At Leesville Road Middle, the students have very limited access to technology in comparison to the size of our student population. We have two computer labs (with 33 computers each) to service 1200 students. The building structure and large student capacity do not allow for the possibility of installing another computer lab. Each classroom has 1-2 desktop computers for 30-35 students. This limited access to technology presents exceptional challenges for creative, progressive teachers to provide students with meaningful learning experiences to build the necessary 21st century skills.

How this Grant will Help:
This grant would allow Leesville Road Middle School to acquire mobile iPad and/or Laptop carts. This technology acquisition would allow teachers the opportunity to create robust learning environments. 21st century methods of student collaboration would progress from dream to reality by allowing frequent access to tools like Edmodo, Wikis, Blogs, Evernote, VoiceThread and Google Docs. Teachers would have the tools to create student centered, project based units that harness the latest Web 2.0 tools. Students would also be presented with frequent opportunities to create and publish. This is just the beginning… and it all begins with your vote.

Click here to vote:

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